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  • 6 de noviembre de 2017

IK4-AZTERLAN participates in the congress "Foundry on Wheels" organized by the CITNM (Portugal)

The congress has brought together a large number of technicians and specialists from the foundry value chain and the automotive sector to discuss the development strategies of new products and services related to this demanding sector.

Specialists from the Metallurgy Research Center IK4-AZTERLAN participated on October 19 and 20 at the Foundry on Wheels conference organized by the CITNM (Center for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam) in Portugal. The purpose of the meeting was to analyse the strategies of developments of new products and services by the foundry sector, associated with the new technological challenges that TIER 1 companies and OEMs are raising within the automotive sector.

The program of the event has allowed attendees to discuss the technological innovations and the most significant drives in the automotive sector such as: the electric car, intelligent connectivity, autonomous driving and the new concept of car sharing. These trends are key to reposition the foundry industry in the automotive industry value chain, as well as the foundry sector to design the R&D initiatives required to respond to these needs.

Foundry and automotive specialists and technicians from organizations such as BOSCH PORTUGAL, CEIIA, CIE AUTOMOTIVE, CLARIANT, CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE, DELOITTE, EY, FACULTY OF ENGINEERING OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OPORTO, GALP, JUNO RACING CARS, PORSCHE PORTO, SINTERCAST, SONAFI, TEKSID, ZANARDI FONDERIE, CAEF and SAKTHI PORTUGAL (whose facilities were visited by the participants in the congress) made the work program specially interesting. Also, the event was attended by Start-Ups AddVolt, DECA, IDEIA.M, SARKKIS - Robotics, Lda, Stratio Automotive and XpectralTEK.

Researchers Gorka Alonso and Fernando Santos, from IK4-AZTERLAN, shared some of the technological developments of the research center, and participated actively in the round tables that were organized throughout the work sessions.

Gorka Alonso presented the paper "Innovation in the foundry a bridge to the future" which reflected the most innovative aspects in the field of foundry in which the IK4-AZTERLAN technology center is working.

On the other hand, Fernando Santos presented the paper "Drivers in aluminum foundry" representing CIE Automotive. Mr. Santos made a review of the priority research and development areas of the automotive industry. Even if these areas pose threats in the final profitability of the product, they offer opportunities related to the incorporation of new aluminum parts in the whole vehicle.

Collaboration between IK4-AZTERLAN and CITNM Center for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam

The N. Mahalingam Innovation and Technology Center, which owes its name to the founder of the Sakthi Automotive Group mr. N. Mahalingam, has as main objectives to promote knowledge and innovation in the metallurgical field, to encourage cooperation between institutions with the aim of reinforcing the R+ D+i and perpetuate knowledge to future generations. To achieve these, the CITNM focuses its activities on training, knowledge transfer to industry and the implementation of innovation projects.

IK4-AZTERLAN is a collaborating partner of the CITNM with which it develops outstanding technological development projects in areas of maximum interest for the automotive sector.

Fernando santos FoW

Fernando Santos, researcher at IK4-AZTERLAN takes part in a discussion panel at Foundry on Wheels congress

Gorka Alonso Foundry on wheels

IK4-AZTERLAN researcher Gorka Alonso presents “Innovation in the foundry a bridge to the future”