Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 14 de junio de 2018

IK4-Azterlan and the Durangaldea Competitiveness Agency take part in the follow up evaluation of the regional strategy "Bizkaia Orekan"

Institutional representatives of the highest level from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, along with municipal and regional agents cooperating within the initiative, met to evaluate the performance and the results obtained up to date.

After 2 years of work, the agents taking part in the "Bizkaia Orekan" (Bizkaia in balance) program, created by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia as a strategic project to re-launch the competitiveness of the territory, have gathered in the Automotive Intelligence Center (Amorebieta) to evaluate the actual developments obtained and the main pending challenges.

During the event, the Deputy Council for Economic and Territorial Development of Bizkaia, Mr. Imanol Pradales, recalled that Bizkaia is a heterogeneous territory, where municipalities and counties face different challenges for economic development and appreciated the effort and the commitment of all the agents involved in "Bizkaia Orekan" to relaunch the competitiveness level of the territory, adapting to the different realities and needs of each geographical area.

In addition, Mr. Pradales has detailed some of the results that have been obtained during this period, emphasizing on the more than 30 challenges identified to improve the competitiveness level of the industry, the quality of the business environment and the specialization and capabilities of the different geographical areas. Four of these challenges have already been executed and another 10 are in process of development.

"Bizkaia Orekan" has made it possible up to now to connect more than 34 local and regional organizations, along with more than 60 professionals  through collective networking over the different challenges from each geographical areas.