Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 15 de diciembre de 2014

IK4-AZTERLAN coordinates an important technology transfer program within the stamping technology

For a year, specialists from the technological center IK4-AZTERLAN, along with leading professionals from the industry, have shared first level knowledge related to the forming and stamping technologies (process trends and latest innovations, equipment developments, materials, toolings, coatings, …).

The speed of change in the industry (more specifically the developments associated to the stamping and forming processes) along with the constant need of updating knowledge which suggest faster and more profound changes in the closer future, enhance the relevance and value of the "human factor" in business.

The approach of this initiative has been driven both to improve the technical preparation and knowledge of professionals within the sector, and to provide an appropriate answer to the current needs and demands of companies within a working frame of the highest interest.