Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 5 de septiembre de 2013

IK4-AZTERLAN consolidates its lines of work with a new department of corrosion and protection of metallic materials

The new trends and requirements in the corrosion of metallic materials area, have driven IK4-AZTERLAN to implement a specialized working group in the field.

From more than ten years, the technicians from IK4-AZTERLAN have been offering companies tailored solutions in this particular field. In addition, and with the aim of reinforcing the current lines of research, the Knowledge Centre has created a specific area for corrosion and protection of metallic materials. The new department gathers a team of professionals with extensive experience in materials and processes, which has resulted in a multidisciplinary group with a deep understanding and vision of the new technological challenges in the corrosion field.

The new department will work closely with the industry, identifying demands and offering solutions, as well as sharing its technological concerns with the key players from different sectors. They will also provide advanced and competitive solutions, with high reliability and quick response.