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  • 21 de marzo de 2018

IK4-AZTERLAN collaborates with HETEL to include 4.0 technologies into the Basque occupational training programs

The main goal of the project is to design and generate 4.0 materials for the subsequent capacitation of teachers and further education of students from different occupational training degrees.

HETEL, the association of occupational training centers of the Basque Country, has launched this initiative in collaboration with IK4-Azterlan, IK4-Tekniker and Tecnalia, to generate teaching and learning materials on 4.0 technologies that will be used in different occupational training degrees.

After the selection of 6 areas of interest associated to the 4.0 technologies (Big Data, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Internet of Things and Collaborative Robotics), work-teams have been created gathering occupational training teachers that belong to HETEL and experts from different Technology Centers from the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.

The first working session recently held in Durango delimited the impact area of each technological environment and the high-grade occupational training degrees where these learning materials will be applied.

Colaboración IK4-AZTERLAN FP formación profesional HETEL

First working session with all the agents involved in the Project.