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  • 18 de julio de 2017

IK4-AZTERLAN Artificial Intelligence researchers take part in the DEEP LEARNING BILBAO Congress

A world-class international scientific event on data exploitation technologies. During a full week, 1200 specialists from all over the world meet at the Euskalduna Congress Centre in Bilbao.

From July 17th to 21st, 34 worldwide experts share in Bilbao the latest developments in Deep Automated Learning areas. Among other aspects, the event is focused on the technological challenges and business opportunities associated with data management, as well as the main opportunities linked with the diverse deep learning sub-areas.

The event compiles 4 keynote speeches by renowned industry pioneers and academics, 30 seminars, a roundtable as well as an open session where participants can present their own papers, along with an specific session for industrial applications to share successful case studies and experiences on the application of data technology to business environments.

Led by the Engineering Faculty of the University of Deusto in collaboration with InnoLab Bilbao, the Congress has a prominent group of entities involved in the Organizing Committee, including IK4-AZTERLAN Research Center.

DEEP LEARNING BILBAO! aims to help the development of the ICT sector and the Industrial sector, in full alignment with the Strategic Intelligent Specialization (RIS3), as well as with the main lines of the European Horizon2020 agenda. Thus, it will contribute to the dissemination of world-class expert knowledge on advanced Big Data, a technological area that is experiencing an extraordinary demand in recent years by companies and public administrations.

Prticipante deep learning congreso

Li Deng, one of the international speakers during his speech. See more moments and images.