Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 25 de junio de 2015

IK4-AZTERLAN is actively involved in the technical capacitation of young vocational training students under the program Hiru+

This novel and advanced experience allows students to complete their dual vocational training with a temporary stage in a technology center that facilitates the acquisition of new skills and innovation dynamics in specific technical areas.

The stage of Noran Elguezabal  in the Metallurgical Technical Center IK4-AZTERLAN (studies in the Technical School Politeknika Ikastegia TXORIERRI S. COOP., combining during several months his dual training in the company METALÚRGICA MARINA S.A. and in IK4-AZTERLAN) has allowed to contribute satisfactorily to the development of specific knowledge and skills in the field of metallurgy and advanced characterization of metallic materials.

                                                                                  The participation in R & D dynamics within the technology center is one of the keys of the Hiru+ program