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  • 1 de agosto de 2018

IK4-Azterlan accredited by ENAC for the execution of Parts Cleanliness Tests according to ISO 16232

The test complies with the specifications provided by VDA 19 guide and consists of the extraction, identification, classification and counting of dirt particles in highly demanding components, to prevent failures in service and premature deterioration of systems.

The Parts Cleanliness Test is a high added value analysis that, among others, ensures the optimal functionality of sealed systems and hydraulic circuits, in which the existence of pollution can impair performance and induce mechanical failures.

The cleanliness level of parts demanded by sectors with high quality standards, such as automotive or aeronautical sectors, has risen to the point it has become a mandatory requirement for many manufacturers, and it is a barrier of entry for many OEMs.

In the words of David López, head of the Chemical Department of the advanced technological services area of the IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Center, “we have performed cleanliness tests for many years, but the growing demand for this requirement by a greater number of manufacturers has led us to obtain the ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) accreditation, which in turn strengthens the capacities and competencies of the centre”.

The component cleanliness test makes it possible to check the level of dirt deposited in the components and determines the size of the particles retained; the aim is to verify if they meet the acceptability ranges requested by the manufacturer.

In addition, IK4-AZTERLAN "owns avant-garde equipment and knowledge that allows us to offer added value to the client, detailing the characteristics and the nature of the pollutant by means of other analytical techniques such as chemical or metallographic analysis, or analysis using Scanning Electron Microscopy”. This type of complementary analysis favors the identification of the origin of the dirt and can provide valuable information to improve the manufacturing process and other complementary processes, such as logistics or assembling.

The Parts Cleanliness Test carried out by IK4-AZTERLAN is accredited by ENAC according to ISO 16232 and complies with the specifications of the VDA 19 guide in terms of testing methodology and presentation of results. This test is also applicable to other types of non-metallic pieces and materials, as well as to other industries in which there is a cleanliness requirement.

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