Metallurgy Research Centre


The IV Heat Treatment Technical Forum gathers more than 70 experts to share the latest advances applied to the metallurgical industry

IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre has hosted a new edition of this outstanding technical working frame with the participation of a relevant group of technicians from companies belonging to the value chain associated to heat treatments (from manufacturers and heat treatment companies to designers and end users, along with equipment manufacturers and suppliers associated to the heat treatment technology).


The 2nd Carl Loper symposium gathers more than 160 participants from 21 countries to share the most advanced technological innovations and applications of cast iron

Organized by the IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Center, along with the American Foundry Society (AFS), the World Foundry Organization (WFO) and the Tabira Foundry Institute, this outstanding international framework has reviewed the metallurgy fundamentals of cast iron by sharing some of the latest research and technological developments for the industry. The event has also outlined some of the opportunities for this material that keeps giving response to high-demanding applications in sectors like automotive and energy, among others.