Metallurgy Research Centre


The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness finances the R&D project focused on the development of an environment friendly free lead ammunition

The use of conventional cartridges with lead ammunition for hunting is a major source of pollution that poisons and kills many birds, in addition to the environmental impact generated on the areas in which these activities take place. Lead shots and/or bullets projected with each shot, disperse and may be inadvertently ingested by certain animals and birds, producing the well known "lead poisoning" or "poisoning" effect. A chronic poisoning caused by the absorption of lead or/and certain salts in their bodies.


A second edition of this training activity will take place on 2015.

For a year, specialists from the technological center IK4-AZTERLAN, along with leading professionals from the industry, will share first level knowledge related to the forming and stamping technologies (process trends and latest innovations, equipment developments, materials, toolings, coatings, …).