Metallurgy Research Centre


V Technical Forum on Heat Treatment

Organised by the AZTERAN Metallurgy Research Centre and Tabira Foundry Institute, this latest edition of TRATER DAY will have the participation of professionals from companies and organisations of reference in the heat treatment industry.


Lucía Unamunzaga: “Developing new industrial waste valorisation routes will be key for the metal industry in order to comply with the upcoming 2030 Basque Residue Management Plan”

The Basque Government will soon present the draft document of the Waste Prevention and Management Plan 2030 for the Basque Country. AZTERLAN researcher Lucía Unamunzaga, coordinator of the Sustainability and Environment research line of the Metallurgy Research Centre, makes some considerations regarding the ambitious goals already disclosed by the Basque Government Minister Mrs. Arantxa Tapia and how they will affect the management of metal industries.


International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Since it was officially proclaimed in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, International Day of Women and Girls in Science is held on February 11th, to make visible the role that women have played and play in Science and to promote scientific vocations. We have talked with PhD. Edurne Aguado, researcher at AZTERLAN Technology Centre, about the relevance of this day and about her personal experience.