Metallurgy Research Centre


IK4-AZTERLAN collaborates in the Foundry Handbook published by the ASM International

The most recent publication within the prestigious bibliographic series of metallurgy handbooks, includes a full chapter written by the researchers of IK4-AZTERLAN Pello Larrañaga and Ramón Suárez. The Foundry Handbook is published by the American Society for Metals International (ASM International), an association that englobes materials scientists and engineers, whose mission is the dissemination of technical publications on various types of materials.


IK4-AZTERLAN takes part in the 14th Asian Foundry Congress

The Korean Foundry Society has organized the fourteenth edition of this important international event, that brings together the main producers and consumers of cast component countries from the Asian continent: China, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Malesia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan among others.