Metallurgy Research Centre


First results of the hybridization of casting, forging and additive manufacturing technologies

The IMAGINE project team, led by the AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre, develops hybrid processes of casting, ablation, forging, stamping, additive manufacturing, and welding technologies that will allow "to develop components of complex geometries and specific characteristics, at more competitive costs". Currently, the team is working on the manufacture and characterization of the first test parts that "will validate and optimize the technological proposals made".


“Net Zero Emmissions” commitment

AZTERLAN advances towards "zero emissions" activity with the expansion of its photovoltaic solar generation plant for self-consumption. Thanks to it the Centre will reduce the generation of greenhouse gases linked to the energy demands of its activity.


Participation in the EUROCORR 2022 conference

Unai Garate (Director of the company MESHIND), has shared the presentation "Study of the corrosion behavior of CRA cladded high strength steel for offshore service" within the official program of this international work framework recently held in Berlin. The presented work is the result of the intensive research work carried out in collaboration with the AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre and with the Basque Country University.


New medium-alloy steels for manufacturing lighter and more sustainable components

The new LIGHTALLOY STEEL sustainable steels family developed by the AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Center replaces certain critical alloying elements that are scarce in nature and suppose a dependence on third countries. These innovative materials also promote a significant weight reduction making them "very aligned with sustainability and weightlightening challenges faced by the vehicle manufacturing industry".