Metallurgy Research Centre


The CAESAR European project will validate new industrial technologies for the recovery of low-quality post-consumer scrap to be reused in steelmaking

The international consortium of the CAESAR project, to which the AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Center belongs, aims at improving the quality of low-quality scrap currently deposited in landfill and/or exported outside Europe. To this end, it will study and optimize processes of separation and elimination of impurities from this industrial waste, both through the development of new technologies and the updating of existing ones but that currently are not applied for the recycling of ferrous scrap. The project seeks to find new sources of raw materials for steelmaking sector that will allow to replace very high-quality scrap and pig iron.


AZTERLAN presents some of its latest research outcomes at the 2022 Metalcasting Congress (USA)

The Metallurgy Research Centre has participated in this outstanding international technical meeting with the presentation of three scientific works focused on the development of new digital materials for automotive sector, the manufacture of 5XXX and 6XXX series aluminum components by means of ablation technology and an advanced study on the nucleation of graphite in spheroidal iron foundries.


AZTERLAN takes part in the “Future: Fast Forward” group, aimed at boosting the electric and connected vehicle

Future: Fast Forward partners apply to the PERTE VEC with the aim of turning Spain into a European electric vehicle hub. Led by the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A., the project comprises 62 companies, 61% of them SMEs, from 11 regions. It is the largest business grouping in the history of the automotive industry in Spain. Marc Riera, Director of Purchasing Strategy and New Projects at SEAT S.A., has been appointed President of the General Assembly and of the Delegate Committee of Future: Fast Forward. If the PERTE resolution is positive, the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A. will electrify the Martorell and Navarra factories, locate a battery gigafactory in Valencia and the complete battery value chain in Spain, and build up a sustainable e-ecosystem together with partners.