Metallurgy Research Centre

Training and technical workshops


Technical Seminars, Symposiums and Congresses

AZTERLAN promotes and coordinates technical working frames with the main objective of sharing experiences and technological developments associated to the different metallic materials transformation technologies.

Likewise, researchers and specialists from AZTERLAN have an active role in international recognized technical forums, congresses and symposiums.

A special mention to the different awards obtained by own research works in the following World Foundry Congresses:

“Best Technical Paper Award” in the 68th World Foundry Congress celebrated in Chennai (India) in 2008, with the research work “Iron castings: advanced prediction tools, foundry process control and knowledge management”.
“Best Technical Paper Award” in the 70th World Foundry Congress celebrated in Monterrey (Mexico) in 2012, with the research work “Optimization of chemical bonded sand moulds for big size cast components. Reduction of manufacturing costs”.

Specific training for companies

Training capabilities and tailor-made courses on materials, transformation technologies and processes, aimed to fulfill the particular needs of the companies.

Casting education course

Training course for postgraduates (1000 hours) on materials and casting processes, with 400 hours of practice work in companies and laboratories.

Over 300 technicians have completed this education program and have joined the industry in the last 20 years.

Casting Specialization Course

Advanced training course (six different modules), that counts with keynote lectures from international Universities, Technological Centers and Companies. Aimed for engineers and technicians working in casting companies, supplier companies and design-engineering departments.

Development of casting technologies and Innovation are the main drivers of this training activity, supported by recognized teachers and experts at and international level.

Advanced Sheet Metal Stamping Course

The main objective of this course is to achieve a specialized and high level qualification in forming technologies, in order to cover the current needs of stamping companies within the entire “value chain” of this transformation process.

The second edition of this educational initiative combines a training program of 1000 hours (400 hours of theoretical training, 400 hours of problem solving group dynamics and 200 hours of working practices in companies). This training course has the active collaboration of technicians and professionals from the industry.