Metallurgy Research Centre

Innovation and Technology

The activities of the Innovation and Technology Department of IK4-AZTERLAN are intended for both companies and institutions. The identification of the need for competitive improvement, the creation of multidisciplinary teams with the participation of industry technicians and the closeness to technological development are the central points guiding the work programmes.

We are basically working along two research lines at present:

  • State-of-the-art metallic materials.
  • Advanced forming processes.

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New Generation Metallic Materials

The current research line is based on the knowledge and experience acquired regarding metallic materials, providing responses to new challenges such as:

  • The optimisation of structural component functionality for the wind power, aeronautical and nuclear sectors.
  • Extending the life cycle of tooling.
  • Improvement of the performance of components for food processing.
  • The design of new high performance materials.

Advanced Forming Processes

Technologies handled by multidisciplinary areas of responsibility are employed in the forming of metallic materials. The current research line brings together the following scopes of knowledge:

  • Ultra high strength materials. Metallurgical characterisation.
  • Cold transformation of high strength alloys. Study of the associated technological problems.
  • Stamping dies. Improvement of the life cycle and their functional performance.
  • Hot stamping.

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Forming research area