Metallurgy Research Centre

Sustainability and Environment

Support for an environmentaly liable industry

The Sustainability and Environmental research line offers technologically advanced and eco-innovative solutions to the industry and to society. Further than collaborating with the other research lines of the Technology Center, this team provides companies and municipalities with the support to comply with regulatory obligations, moving towards greener products and processes, and contributing to increase their competitivity level. With that purpose the Sustainability and Environment team focuses their main activity on reducing environmental impacts by acting over an appropriate use of resources and the management of waste generated during the different processes.

The R&D projects with companies and institutions in the field of Environment and Sustainability are framed within the following collaboration fields:

  • Development of clean manufacturing processes and sustainable products
  • Advanced management of waste by means of its valorization in high value applications (circular economy)
  • Internal reuse of waste (metallics and inorganics) in favor of efficiency and reduction of the consumption of raw materials
  • Minimization and advanced treatment of polluting emissions
  • Recovery of residual heat and energy efficiency of processes
  • Eco-design for the optimization of resources consumption and the reduction of environmental impacts
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Social Life Cycle Analysis (SLCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) of processes and products
  • Audits and action plans to comply with environmental regulations and industrial activities´ regulation
  • Environmental sensibilization