Metallurgy Research Centre

Other Materials and Processes

The increasingly demand of functional requirements solicited to metallic components require a basic research that can generate customized and specific solutions for each application.

AZTERLAN works on de development of new alloys and processes that can generate disruptive solutions, to be transferred later on to the industry. This research line approaches projects of basic research from lowest TRLs to demonstration levels.

The R&D projects developed by this research line are framed within the following research fields:

  • Development and integration of new process control technologies for non-conventional alloys (thermal analysis, pyrometry)
  • New technologies for the modification of the micro-structure of non-conventional alloys (inoculation, controlled cooling techniques)
  • Design of materials based on thermodynamic and thermo-kinetic modeling
  • Development or modification of super-alloys to obtain advanced properties (weldability, resistance to corrosion, mechanical properties, machinability)
  • Development of high entropy alloys and metallic composites
  • Fine-tuning of vacuum technologies in industrial manufacturing processes
  • Advanced solutions for the manufacturing of sand molds and cores (additive manufacturing, cores or molds that are soluble in water)
  • Technical support for the use and implementation of new technologies to design the cooling or performing thermal treatments (directional solidification, temple dilatometry)
  • Development of hybrid materials
  • Manufacturing of ingots of custom-built special alloys to be used in posterior manufacturing processes (lost wax, powder-metallurgy, MIM)
  • Advanced destructive and non-destructive testing of final products