Metallurgy Research Centre

Formig Technologies of Metalic Materials in Solid State

Technological support to forging, stamping and lamination industries

This research line approaches the different challenges faced by the solid-state metallic materials forming companies: forging, stamping (hot-stamping, cold-stamping) and lamination. The activity of this research line is focused, mainly, on hot deformation processes and operations in extreme conditions, as well as on the optimization of tools for these forming processes and stamping technologies.

The R&D projects developed with companies are framed within the following collaboration fields:

  • Process development and optimization of production technologies
  • Design of materials for forged and machined high added value products
  • Additive manufacturing: Development of ad-hoc refilling solutions for special applications
  • Improvement of the in-service behavior of refractory alloys to be used in furnaces, combustion chambers, engines and turbines
  • Design of optimal processing thermal routes
  • Development of forging processes over complex forming materials
  • New stamping processes: semi-hot stamping of aluminums and steels of high elastic limit
  • Solutions for deep-drawing with thinning problems
  • Optimized redesign of cutting and forming tools
  • Redesign of components to achieve weight reduction improvements
  • Structural calculation (tensions and deformations) during solidification, cooling, machining
  • Improvement of the fatigue service-life of components and welded subassemblies
  • Improvement of the wear resistance, fatigue and fracture toughness of stamping and forging tools
  • Improvement of energy efficiency of forming processes
  • Development and implementation of 4.0 technologies and predictive control systems
  • Design of forging, stamping and lamination production plants