Metallurgy Research Centre

Ferrous Materials

Technological support to iron foundry

Our Ferrous Materials research team accompanies iron foundry companies’ transformation into the “Foundry of the Future”. The foundry of efficient production processes, with zero defect philosophy, which is prepared to approach the increasing demands of the market.

With this aim we provide advanced technological solutions in the fields of metallurgical quality, optimization of casting processes and products, along with the development and implementation of 4.0 industry technologies (metallurgical software, digitalization and traceability, predictive control systems) oriented towards the reduction of rejection rates and production improvements.

The R&D Projects developed along with foundry companies are framed within the following collaboration fields:

  • Development of materials and surfaces
  • Process development and production optimization
  • Product design
  • Foundry process audits
  • Rapid prototyping. Pilot foundry plant
  • Energy efficiency improvement in casting processes
  • Control of emissions and advanced management of industrial waste
  • Development and implementation of 4.0 technologies and predictive control systems
  • Implementation of Smart Casting® technologies
  • Resolution of machining problems
  • Design of foundry production facilities and machining units