Metallurgy Research Centre

Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technological Solutions. 4.0 industry and control predictive tools for metallic transformation industries

The Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technological Solutions research team of IK4-AZTERLAN collaborates with companies to incorporate advanced technologies for the capture and management of process data to improve the control and the efficiency of productive processes. 

The wide knowledge and extensive expertise of AZTERLAN in foundry, high/low pressure die casting, forging, stamping and lamination processes, along with our own software development and modeling capacities, allow this team to help companies to improve their processes by means of advanced 4.0 technologies.

The R&D projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technological Solutions are framed within the following collaboration fields:

  • Audits to evaluate the technological maturity level and the design of custom tailored project to integrate technologies that allow an effective advance towards 4.0 industry
  • Digitalization and traceability of process data
  • Management and visualization of process data
  • Development of predictive control models in real time based on artificial intelligence for foundry, forging, stamping and lamination processes
  • Development and implementation of specific software to control and optimize metallic transformation processes and metallurgical quality in real time
  • Thermolan
  • Thermolan-Al
  • Eidocalc
  • Salomon
  • Sentinel
  • PDManager® - Furnace Control
  • PDManager® - Metal & Pouring Process
  • PDManager® - Moulding Machine
  • PDManager® - Process Quality Control
  • DyMetrics