Metallurgy Research Centre

Aluminum and Light Materials

Technology support to the aluminum foundry

The Aluminum and Light Metallic Materials research line of AZTERLAN responds to the main challenges faced by aluminum foundry companies: Gravity Die Casting (GDC), Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC), High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC, High Pressure Die Casting) and Vacuum Die Pressure Die Casting (VHPDC).

Achieving lighter and cost-competitive alloys ensuring their compliance with the highest demanding standards, improving the energy efficiency and the productivity of aluminum foundry processes, implementing 4.0 industry technologies, as well as other advanced technologies oriented to the reduction of rejection rates and the improvement of production are some of the aspects in which this team works with companies.

The R&D Projects with aluminum foundries are framed within the following collaboration fields:

  • Development of innovative alloys
  • Foundry process audits
  • Improvement of competitivity (rejection, cycle-times…)
  • Development of products and tooling
  • Project industrialization
  • Optimization and reduction of the metal treatments
  • Rapid Prototyping. Pilot foundry facility
  • Development and implementation of 4.0 technologies and predictive control systems
  • Design of aluminum casting production plants
  • Improvement of energy efficiency