Metallurgy Research Centre

R&D of Metallurgical Processes

Improving the competitivity of metal-mechanical industries

The generation of knowledge to be directly transferred to the industry is the core mission of AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre.

As a technology center specialized in metallurgy and metallic transformation processes, our research lines are aligned with the main challenges of different industries such as iron and steel, high pressure die casting, forging, stamping and lamination companies and their customer sectors, among others.

AZTERLAN provides basic and applied research capabilities, as well as technology transfer to companies by means of technological support and R&D projects, targeted at improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

The identification of key needs for continuous improvement, the creation of multidisciplinary teams along with technicians from the own companies and the proximity in the technological development that enables the mentioned competitive improvement are the pillars that guide our efforts and working projects.

Our research teams have a high specialization level in the following working lines:

  • Development of new alloys and metallic materials
  • Efficiency improvement of industrial processes
  • Product optimization
  • Development and implementation of advanced industry 4.0 technologies
  • Eco-innovation to reduce the environmental impacts of the industrial activity
  • Other associated materials and processes (fatigue, corrosion, surface optimization, …)
  • Ferrous materials
  • Aluminum and light metallic materials
  • Formig technolgies: forging, stamping, lamination
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced technolgical solution
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • Corrosion and protection of metallic materials
  • Other materials and processes
Contact our team

Susana Méndez
Foundry Technologies Director

Garikoitz Artola
Forming Technologies Director

Aitor Loizaga
Industry and Foundry Projects

Fernando Santos
Institutional Projects

Jon Garay
Steel research area

Enara Mardaras
Corrosion research area

Asier Bakedano
Aluminium research area

Lucía Unamunzaga
Evironment research area

Garikoitz Artola
Forming Technologies research area

Argoitz Zabala
Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies research area