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Cryogenic Treatment of Materials

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An important research and development working line is focused in the performance of materials and the influence of extremely low temperatures. The area of cryogenic treatments of AZTERLAN provides as well to companies the service to optimize the mechanical behavior of tools and to increase the performance response of an important number of products.

The multistage cryogenic treatments can be applied to a wide range of materials and for a wide level of applications, in order to reduce costs and to improve their final properties.

To perform these special treatments, AZTERLAN works with two cryogenic processors; each one is able to treat up to 600 kg of material per load. Inner dimensions of each processor are as follows (L x W x H):

    1250 x 750 x 600 mm
    2130 x 500 x 600 mm

However, these dimensional capacities should not be a limitation, since AZTERLAN designs and manufactures cryogenic processing equipments adapted to the specific treatment requirements or needs from any customer and providing customized solutions. Specific equipment alternatives can be proposed by an appropriate analysis and definition of the complete process, that could be even installed in the final customer´s own facilities.

For extended information about cryogenic treatments, please visit:


Jose María Murua
Technological Services Manager
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José Antonio Goñi
Structural Characterisation Department Coordinator
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Carmelo Santamarina
Non Destructive Testing Department Coordinator
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David López
Chemical Department Coordinator
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Ibai Gallastegi
Corrosion and Protection Department Coordinator
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Urko Uribe
Mechanical Testing Department Coordinator
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David Álvarez
Cryogenic Treatment Department Coordinator
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