Metallurgy Research Centre

Corrosion and Protection of Materials

corrosion corrosion corrosion

The different activities of this area are aimed to support and to give an appropriate answer the industrial needs and demands through the following main working lines:

  • Material Testing and Certification
  • Failure mode analysis of corrosion phenomena from components or elements in service
  • Research projects for improving the final characteristics substrate materials in corrosive environments, off-shore, … etc

The available facilities and equipments meet the requirements for the different testing standards and provide as well solutions to any possible specific requirements of our customers.

A highly qualified team of technicians with a deep know how and expertise in materials, production processes, influence of different environments etc…, supports the study of systems, mechanisms, failures,… related with corrosion phenomena.

Corrosion tests carried out in our facilities cover a wide range of demands required by the industry today. Most of them are covered by ENAC accreditation (Certificate No. 59/LE069).

The area works regularly with light alloys (aluminum base materials) and ferrous materials (steels with high anticorrosive properties, duplex and super-duplex steels and cast iron) as well as with coatings or protection systems.

Tests are performed under international standards (UNE, EN, ISO, ASTM, NACE …), under customer's own specifications (RENAULT, FORD, PSA …) or even adapting the facilities to the specific requirements of any product.

  • Qualification materials test for industries such as the “Oil and Gas” HIC (Hydrogen Induced Cracking), SSC (Sulphide Stress Cracking) and other more specialized type as might be the full ring.
  • Intergranular corrosion, pitting and crevice corrosion in metallic materials.
  • Behavior of materials and coatings are rapidly approached in a systematic way by corrosion tests in salt spray, moisture saturated or cyclic testing environments.
  • Testing the binomial “tension/corrosive medium” with or without protection.

Analysis of Failures in service meet the needs of our customers. The most frequently addressed are:

  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • General corrosion, pitting, intergranular, etc, in aggressive environments
  • Corrosion on power generation equipment

Applied research projects that allow to increase the level of knowledge and to generate specific solutions to materials, products, processes. Nowadays we are deploying activities in the protection field and in the behavior of assemblies of dissimilar materials.

The following ones are among the most relevant sets of equipment:

  • Equipment for testing corrosion in acidic environments.
  • Testing equipments under stress in natural atmospheres or atmospheres type H2S.
  • Testing constant deformation (bending tests at various points of support) or constant loads for working in different corrosion media.
  • Acid corrosion laboratory.
  • Salt spray test and condensed steam atmospheres cabinets.
  • Combined cycle corrosion cabinets.
  • Scanning electron microscope, with controlled and environmental pressure mode, equipped with energy dispersive X-ray microspectrometer.
  • Optical microscopes equipped with image analysis systems.
  • Equipment for metallographic preparations (precision cutters, polishing instruments, embedding machines, electrolytic etching, etc,…).
  • Magnetic induction ferrite meter.
  • X-ray fluorescence thickness measurement equipment.
  • Magnetic induction thickness measurement equipment.
  • Tension/compression machines with capacities from 200N to 1,500KN.

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Technological Services Manager
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Structural Characterisation Department Coordinator
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Non Destructive Testing Department Coordinator
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Chemical Department Coordinator
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Corrosion and Protection Department Coordinator
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Mechanical Testing Department Coordinator
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Cryogenic Treatment Department Coordinator
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