Metallurgy Research Centre

Technological support for foundries

sostenibilidad y medio ambiente sostenibilidad y medio ambiente sostenibilidad y medio ambiente

  • Optimization of castings design and feeding systems.
  • Structural calculation (stress and deformations) in castings and assemblies due to the solidification, cooling, shake out, machining, etc.
  • Evaluation of fatigue behaviour.
  • Improvement of liquid metal treatments.
  • Development of microalloys oriented to improve mechanical properties.
  • Reducing costs by using secondary alloys.
  • Industrialization of new references.
  • Stabilization and improvement of different stages on the productive process.
  • Verification and process control.
  • Reduction of inspections in the process control.
  • Increase of yield and productivity.
  • Reduction of finishing operations.
  • Optimization of moulding sistems and sand properties.
  • Reduction of part reject rates.
  • Improvement of superficial finishing of castings.
  • Minimization of mould-metal reaction.
  • Adjustment of heat treatments.
  • Measure of residual stress and extensometer calculation.
  • From the drawing and 3D of the casting: thermal study, risers design, feeding and filling system, etc. are carried out.
  • Manufacturing of moulds and cores, melting, casting, cooling, finishing operations, heat treatment, a completed verification and characterization of castings and transfer of the industrial production process technology.
  • Design and manufacturing of prototypes, with a short delivery time.
  • Development of holistic solutions to minimize energy consumption.
  • Design and set-up of energy optimization systems.
  • Energy consumption studies.
  • Installation of intelligent programs with maximun energy efficienty.
  • Study of the specific problems.
  • Variation of manufacturing process on castings for minimizing the tool wear deviations of measures in a subsequent machining.
  • Integral solutions for castings or specific families of cast components.
  • Complete analysis of the industrial facilities.
  • Determination of lacks or possibilities.
  • Options and future perspectives.
  • Providing technological improvement ideas and opportunities.
  • Advanced layout of the process.
  • Security systems.
  • Consulting on the development and or implementation of innovative process technologies (materials, machinery, etc.).
  • Minimization of people and materials flow.
  • Advanced integration on different jobs.
  • Maximun flexibility, accessibility and use of space.
  • Vision of the future.
  • Studies of issued CO and CO2.
  • Advanced characterization and management of waste.

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