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Chemical Tests

Corrosion corrosion corrosion

The chemical area of AZTERLAN is equipped with top level techniques allowing results reliability to be combined with a fast response.

A very wide analytical offer is complemented by the expertise and deep knowledge of the technicians allowing them to provide an individualized response to the specific needs of certain materials.

The tests are grouped as follows according to methodologies or types of material:

1. Determination of major components, minor components and/or traces in different types of material:

  • Metal alloys (cast iron, steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, tin, lead, titanium, etc…).
  • Pure metals (wolfram, titanium, tellurium, selenium, bismuth, lead, etc…).
  • Refractory materials.
  • Ferrous alloys and inoculants.
  • Waste materials from incinerators, from land recovery processes, from greater value materials recovery…

2. Immission characterization.

  • Analysis of material particulates in environmental air (particle size and chemical characterization).
  • Filter analysis from exhaust systems and chimney uptakes.

3. Physical/chemical analysis of industrial disposals, water and leachates.

4. Characterization of sand, slag and waste from fusion processes.

5. Chemical characterization of carbonaceous materials (coal, anthracite, graphite, recarburisers…).

6. Characterization of compounds using X-Ray Diffraction.

7. Studies on metallic material thermal expansion coefficients and critical stage transformation temperatures.

8. Characterization of the degree of cleanliness of pieces.

9. Calorimetric determinations.

10. “On-site” chemical composition tests (PMI, classification, separation, certification of materials, etc.) using portable equipments.

The following are among the most relevant sets of equipment:

  • Portable X-Ray Fluorescence and Spark equipment.
  • Spark Emission Spectroscopy (Fe, Al, Ni, Cu, Co base).
  • Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES and ICP-MS).
  • X-Ray Fluorescence.
  • X-Ray Diffraction.
  • Automatic C, S, N, O, H analysers.
  • Photometers, pH meters, conductivity meters, etc.
  • Dilatometer.
  • Physical sample preparation unit.
  • Stoves, ovens, weighing scales, thermobalance and general laboratory equipment.
  • High-volume Cascade Impactors (HCI).
  • Continuous particle measurer (GRIM).

Jose María Murua
Technological Services Manager
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José Antonio Goñi
Structural Characterisation Department Coordinator
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Carmelo Santamarina
Non Destructive Testing Department Coordinator
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David López
Chemical Department Coordinator
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Ibai Gallastegi
Corrosion and Protection Department Coordinator
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Urko Uribe
Mechanical Testing Department Coordinator
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David Álvarez
Cryogenic Treatment Department Coordinator
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